Hostal Aché de Pablo

Owner(s): Pablo R. Jarduet Pérez
Address: Rey Pelayo no. 59 between Calvario & Reloj Santiago de Cuba.
Contact(s): landline: 627493; mobile: 58322330

Hostal Aché de Pablo is located at the heart of the town, just 5 blocks from Céspedes park. You will enjoy a pleasant stay in a Santigueran and Cuban hostal, and the owners can guarantee a delicious cup of hot coffee, from one of the brands sold in the network of shops, prepared using traditional techniques in the country: dark and strong.

They say that one of the best ways of enjoying a delicious coffee is over a healthy chat with the family. This won’t be a problem at Hostal Aché de Pablo, you will find that the conversation is open and friendly, combined with quality services and a sense of hospitality.

This friendly colonial environment was constructed in 1922 and visitors are invited to relax in their air conditioned rooms, with fridges, TV, hot and cold water, 110 & 220 volt power sockets, comfort, privacy and security.

This large building includes an entry, hall, small lounge, indoor patio, kitchen-dining area, balcony and outdoor patio with a view over the town, where guests can enjoy various options such as breakfast, lunch and dinner, not to mention laundry services, car parking, the organisation of trips, city tours to the top sights in the town, dancing classes, basic Spanish courses, airport transfers and bus pick-ups.

We can guarantee that your stay at Hostal Aché de Pablo will be pleasant and relaxing.

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