The plans to construct the Fraternidad archaeology eco-park comprise significant technical and social considerations. The project includes the restoration of the Fraternidad coffee plantation house and the following ruined coffee plantation homes: Santa Paulina, San Felipe, San Luis de Jacas and San Juan de Escocia.

To date, historical and archaeological research has been carried out at the Fraternidad and Santa Paulina coffee plantations, architectural surveys have been completed, as well as complementary studies of 4 out of the 5 sites and the regional structure inside the park.

One of the most interesting features of the park is the reproduction of a water wheel at the Fraternidad coffee plantation, as water is critical when producing coffee.

Agriculture will also play a star role in the project, with the creation of an eco-park, with absolutely no fertilisers or pesticides, just like in the 19th century. A block plan was prepared for the area on this basis, with coffee nurseries and various species of fruit and other trees providing shade for the plantations.

A botanical garden will be created as yet another such feature, with the appropriate biological and historical information signs, educating visitors on the different varieties of coffee and other local species.

The contributions of the archaeologists, engineers, architects, investors and other specialists of the Conservation Office of the Town has been and continues to be critical for the project, not forgetting the efforts of the students of the Ugo Luisi Restoration school in Santiago de Cuba.

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