Rancho Linda restaurant

Owner(s): María del Carmen Tabares Pérez
Address: Carretera Central Km 2 medio, s/n, Altos de Quintero. Santiago de Cuba.
Contact(s): landline: 632047; mobile: 53685487
E-mail: lilie.amaro@nauta.cu

The Rancho Linda restaurant can offer homemade food away from home. This is a great deal, homemade dishes in Santiago de Cuba reflect French input and Haitian flavour, along with ingredients prepared old-style, paying homage to local history.

Rancho Linda is the outcome of three generations preparing the most genuine and authentic Santiago creole flavours, knowledge passed on from generation to generation as a valuable asset, and adapted to create an authentic Santiago product.

This restaurant stands to honour and carry on with the rich flavours of Creole cooking sprinkled with Linda’s secrets.

This is a great address for all those looking for a taste of history converted into delicious culinary delights.

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